Empowering a creative group of women who design beautiful products to support their children and family.

Theory of Change



Build a community of financially independent women, empower them through knowledge and skills


Family Members

Enable women to effectively channelize earnings towards family welfare



Create women leaders who use acquired skills and knowledge to lead change in their community



Enabling women to make informed decisions by bridging micro level knowledge gaps in the field of education, sanitation, health and financial literacy.

Skill Developement

Equipping women with livelihood skills by providing basic and advanced training in tailoring and leveraging community knowledge.


Empowering women by providing a platform to convert their skills into a livelihood through creation and market access of artisanal eco-friendly products.

Artforms Focus

At Khwaab we love, value and promote the skill of an Indian artisan who creates magical patterns through the use of hands than machine. Khwaab products are an integration of the skill of the women of Mandawali and the indigenous artforms of ShiboriIkkat and Kalamkari.


A Japanese tye and dye artform


A cloth printed by hand


Resist dyed yarn handwoven together

Our Creations

Handmade with ❤

Laptop Sleeves




Our Story

As teachers on a community visit, we saw one of our students living in a low-income urbanized community running around in a beautiful peach dress. We asked her mother where she bought it from to realize it was her creation. As we moved from door to door, speaking to these unskilled and unemployed mothers, we realized that there lay a huge potential behind those closed doors that wanted to break free.

Invest for a Social Return

Returns are not always monetary.
Let your investment reap something more priceless, smiles.

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