Assimilation of Purpose

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.

– Dalai Lama

When we look at today’s world, our belief in his saying strengthens. We live each day amidst the turmoil of monetary benefits, power, struggle to provide and greed to become more than what we are. And all of this makes us forget those attributes within us that make us human. We forget to show love, understand sorrow of our fellow beings and most importantly, we forget to live our lives the way we always dreamt of. When we, a group of Teach For India Fellows, realized where our lives were heading, we questioned ourselves, “isn’t the purpose of human kind to show compassion towards all and make our world a beautiful place to live in?” This robust sentiment motivated us to start ‘Khwaab Welfare Trust’; an initiative to empower women, their families and generations to come. It primarily aims to make women pertaining to the economically weaker sections financially independent and direct a percentage of their income towards their child’s current and future education.

Women or change makers, as we call them, with whom Khwaab works, hail from Mandawali community of East Delhi. It is a part of the capital but it is very much isolated from it. They come from families where the women before them have all lived in the shadows of their better halves. Tradition forces them to be homemakers than change makers. They possess a number of skills but, these skills are buried deep down beneath gravels of family responsibilities, ignorance, doubt and what not. This is where we realized we needed to intervene.

In May 2014, we started off with identifying women who wanted to change their present and create a better future for their little ones. Then we recognized a common skill that all of them possessed, which was tailoring. Over the past one year, some women have learnt the art of tailoring from scratch and some have attained mastery in it. We have established a tailoring boutique which is run by these women and a center to train more women of the community. During the past year, we have experimented, failed, learnt and succeeded. We know that the success that we have achieved till now is only a small thread in the blanket of hope but it is a source that has helped us to inspire and motivate the members of the community. We believe that this small act of ours coupled with the efforts of these women, has the potential to positively impact an entire community.

When we started, it never was about teaching a group of women life skills. It was more about exposing them to opportunities; opportunities to find happiness, come out of their shells and bring smiles on faces of their near and dear ones. Now that Khwaab has turned one and we have seen the true potential of these women, we want them to achieve much more than what they think they deserve. We want them to realize their purpose and become change makers in true sense.

The reason behind creating this blog is simple. Through our stories and emotions, we hope to flood the visionary in you with ideas; ideas so strong that they create waves large enough to drown this world in compassion and love. We also hope that you will help us to take our movement forward and bring happiness to people who deserve it as much as you do.

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