Melody of Sangeeta

The treacherous sea holds everlasting depth of sorrow and misery, but only the brave overcome the unruly waves to attain their purpose in life.

As you walk up the stairs of the building Khwaab is operating from and as you look into the eyes of the women who have made Khwaab their second home, you can see the pride with which the women have been overcoming those unruly waves all their lives. Their decision to become a member of Khwaab as a change maker is buried beneath their memories of childhood struggle for quality education, struggle for freedom, to break free from family shackles and an undying desire to provide the best for their children. Let us travel into the life and memory of our ‘didi’ who has worked hard to make Khwaab the home it is today.

She has redefined commitment and hard work throughout her life; Sangeeta didi has grown up amidst the mountains of Uttrakhand, beside the great Bhagirathi River. A social taboo that had kept her dreams in chains was that ‘girls should not study after 5th grade’. The mere though of studying only till 5th grade made didi feel as if someone was trying to clip her wings off. This though not only flared up the need to break free from the restriction imposed but also illuminated the idea of pursuing an excellent education. As the end of 5th grade was beckoning didi’s chances of continuing with her school seemed dim. Her parents had no money and couldn’t finance her higher studies, but like a good soldier she marched on and decided to take matter into her own hands. Didi was in pursuit of a dream and to reach out she had to struggle towards it by selling fruits and vegetables at the local market. Didi went on to complete 8th grade, but this came at a price, a price that cost her, her childhood. As didi narrated her story there was a glint of perseverance in her eyes, which reflected the quality education she aspires to give to her children.

Amidst the turmoil of Tehri, life has taught her a valuable lesson and this lesson is such that has inspired her in many ways. It inspired her to grasp Khwaab with both hands and use it as a catalyst to help many other women who have faced similar situations and inspire them with her flight towards freedom. Didi joined Khwaab because she wanted to become independent and learn the trade of tailoring so as to support her children’s education. She believes in setting an example to all other women who long for such opportunities where they can express themselves through different trades and skills.

As Khwaab turns one, Sangeeta didi’s contributions towards Khwaab have been an immeasurable one. She progressed from a person who had never held a needle to a person who has aced the skill of making churidars, patiyalas, mufflers, dream catchers and the list goes on. She is determination personified and a role model to her colleagues.

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